Mobility Upcycling

Ecology serving profitability


Welcome to our website. We are a young start-up from Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland) working to enable the future of mobility.

We offer an upcycling service allowing you to transform your gasoline engine vehicle into an electric vehicle while reusing as much components as possible.

Ecological solutions are often more expensive. We intend to tackle this problem with our upcycling solution. It is therefore possible to avoid useless destruction of working components, to switch to electric mobility and to save money compared to a brand new electric vehicle.


Go-Kart Retrofit

You operate a rental kart track or you own a go-kart. You are aware of the environmental impact of waste creation and wish to save money.

You now have the opportunity to upcylcle your fleet, creating very little waste, saving money on reusable hardware and switching to a clean electric drive solution.

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Significant Cost reduction

Our calculations, based on the data harvested during our project development, allowed us to highlight the cost difference between fuel and electricity.

For the same vehicle use, the necessary amount of electricity to operate a fleet of go-karts reaches one fifth of the price for gas.

Furthermore, an electric motor has a lot less moving parts than a gasoline engine. This guarantees lifetime operation without maintenance and allows massive maintenance cost and time reduction.

Retrofit is also more affordable than buying new electric go-karts. We can indeed offer very competitive pricing by eliminating the cost of reused components.

Our solution is an ideal transition towards a low operational costs model. The hardware cost is minimal and the savings on fuel makes it very quick and easy to get a return on investment.


Low environmental impact transition

This is the distinctiveness of our approach. We directly reuse all working components of go-karts like the frame, the braking system, the steering, the wheels, the bearings, etc. The engine is, for the most part, easiliy recyclable thanks to its metallic composition (steel and aluminium).


Torque Comparison

Torque curve of two motors (electric/gasoline) of same maximal output power

Unique thrill

An electric motor naturally provides thrill to the driver. It delivers lage amounts of torque from a standstill as opposed to a gasoline engine. Karts users appreciate this punchy behavior in every situation, even at low speeds.

All drivers can enjoy their track laps, whatever their driving skills. It is not necessary to have a high cornering speed to be in the torque band of the motor. Beginners can therefore have fun at all times.

Skilled drivers will really enjoy the thrill of strong accelerations.

What happens to your old vehicle ?


When a vehicle reaches end-of-life, it is most of the time scrapped. The end-of-life of the vehicle is determined by the weakest and less durable elements, like the engine or the electronics. However, a vehicle is made of thousands of parts and components, most of which are still usable.

Our mission is to allow the re-use of these components, thus reducing environmental and economic impact.

We live at a time where global transition towards green mobility has undeniably started. We work to avoid the environmental disaster that the scrapping of over a billion fossil fuel vehicles would cause. We belive in a local solution which would allow on spot vehicle upcycling, creating a new clean mobility with minimal waste.


Our support

We have been encouraged to pursue the goals of our project by the prizes and awards received for our work.


Electrosuisse Award

Electrosuisse awarded the best multidisciplinary project prize to our team, thus rewarding our work on the first retrofitted electric go-kart prototype. Electrosuisse is the association for Electrical Engineering, Power and Information Technologies


HEIG-VD InnoGrant

The University of Applied Sciences of Canton de Vaud awarded the InnoGrant 2018 prize to our team for our innovative vehicle retrofit strategy. The university supports the market entry of our project in order to promote local economy.


STarmac Award - Innosuisse Business Concept

STarmac Startup Accelerator awarded the best business concept prize to our project for the 2018 edition of Innosuisse Business Concept. This prize rewards the quality of our business development plan.

iese Support

The institute for Energy and Electrical Systems of the HEIG-VD supports us for our product development phase. We benefit from the expertise of the Professors to design high quality products.

Prototype 2 : Video


Prototype 1 : Video

First tests of our Prototype 1 on Vuiteboeuf track near Yverdon-les-Bains

About us

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

We are a team of five young engineers from HEIG-VD. We met during our studies, in a course meant to bring together students of different engineering fields. Our team consists of two electronic engineers (Hassan Musse and Luke Cabrol), one energy engineer (Aymeric Lièvre) and two mechanical engineers (Yohan Mbassi et Nelson Mühlemann).

Display of our first prototype in the streets of Yverdon-les-Bains

Display of our first prototype in the streets of Yverdon-les-Bains

Our location

HEIG-VD - B64 Lab

Route de Cheseaux 1

1401 Yverdon-les-Bains



Contact us

We will be happy to discuss the opportunities of a green transition for your vehicle or your fleet. Leave us a message !